Workshop (2016-Ongoing) 
is an interactive installation of plaster gemstones made collectively with participants. The project uses the visual language of jewelry – an object that’s so ubiquitous, habitual, and personal. Using the utility of molds this project explores the relationships between the body and objects, production and process, making and exchanging through objects that shape our everyday lives.

Taking influence from a workshop – a space for both studio work and educational purposes - I invite participants to contribute to the installation during scheduled drop-in hours.The gallery is turned into a workshop environment for visitors to join in creating plaster pendants through the act of stamping, mold making, and casting.

As a starting point, participants reflect on jewelry and personal possessions from their lives and use that as inspiration in creating their molds. Throughout the program, plaster is poured in to the molds to create the gemstones for the installation. The finished pieces are pinned to the gallery wall that traces the evolution of the project.The final pieces in “Workshop” become extensions of the interactions with the community, embedded with ideas of jewelry, labor, exchange, and value.

This project evolves from previous iterations hosted at: Museum of Arts and Design, NY (2016), Center for Craft, NC (2016), SU-CASA residency, NY (2017), OMNI, Columbus Museum of Art + Design (2017), NYC Jewelry Week (2018), Articulating Craft, Nazareth College, NY (2019), Baltimore Jewelry Center (2019)